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You can still purchase any item that is listed.  However, we have not set up shipping charges yet, so you will need to request charges from us.  Current shipping rates are as follows:

U.S. Shipments - $1.50 for all stamp orders.  $8.00 for all mount and accessories orders.  This assumes a normal sized order that would be shipped by UPS or Fedex.  For smaller mount orders, it is possible to ship by USPS at a smaller rate,

Foreign Shipments:  $2.50 for all stamp orders.  Mounts and accessories will not normally be shipped outside U.S.  However, it is possible if buyer is willing to pay the higher shipping costs.


We will insure all stamp orders over $50. 


Until we get the shipping and billing modules working properly, we can invoice all orders through Paypal and include the proper shipping charges. 

We want to make your buying experience on this site as easy as possible.